Shipping Container

Solid steel container equipment provides instant secure storage where you require it! We can also organise to transport directly the equipment to your door.

10ft Steel Containers (3 Meters)

10ft Hazardous Goods container (Steel construction with bunded floors). Containers meet AS1940 for class 3 flammable liquids.

10ft (3 Meter) Container Dimensions:
Measurement External Internal
Length (mm) 2,970 2,850
Width (mm) 2,438 2,340
Height (mm) 2,591 2,392

Cubic Capacity: 15.95 Cubic Meters – Weight 1,450kg

20ft Steel Containers (6 Meter)

Containers specially built to accommodate to 2 Australian pallets side by side (1165mm x 1165mm) to maximize pallet capacity.

20ft by 9ft by 6 “High Cube” Containers fitted with tie rails. The extra height allows greater capacity. They are especially popular with Furniture removalists.

20ft (3 Meter) Container Dimensions:
Measurement External Internal
Length (mm) 6,058 5,890
Width (mm) 2,438 2,350
Height (mm) 2,591 2,392

Cubic Capacity: 33 Cubic Meters – Weight 2,170kg

21ft Plumbers (6.3 Meter)

These containers come with an extension so that standard plumberís pipes of 6 metres fit inside. Folding racks for the piping can be made available.

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